CHICAGO (CBS) — Another sign of progress in the fight against the pandemic: you might notice a few more people on CTA buses and trains during your commute on Monday.

The CTA announced over the weekend they’ve increased capacity on mass transit routes. Standard 40-foot buses can now take 20 riders. Train cars and 60-foot articulated buses can carry up to 30 passengers.

Bus drivers also have the authority to run as “drop-off only” and bypass stops if their bus gets overcrowded.

The CTA already uses that practice to avoid bus bunching when two or more buses on the same route end up too close to each other.

Official will also monitor ridership levels to identify where additional resources might need to be deployed to avoid overcrowding, by keeping an eye on key locations with higher bus boarding levels to make adjustments as needed.

When officials spot higher than normal ridership levels, the CTA can either deploy 60-foot articulated buses or add extra standard 40-foot buses to a route to increase service.

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