CHICAGO — Surveillance video shows a woman plowing into the front yard of a Jefferson Park Saturday morning and the homeowner claims it was due to lack of support for the local alderman.

The homeowners said a woman threatened them hours before she drove through their front yard, nearly hitting their house.

Pete Czosnyka woke up to the chaos at 3:15 a.m. Saturday morning.

“As I’m walking through the house, I can see the headlights from a vehicle right in the front yard, probably a foot away from the house,” he said.

Carefully-planted surveillance cameras captured most of the vandalism. The woman screams the homeowner’s name then takes off — crashing into a neighbor’s car that was parked in the street.

Noreen Czosnyka, Pete’s wife, said it was the same woman that cursed that her while she was tending to her garden Friday night.

“I was just standing out here, watering the prairie plants when an SUV pulled up and this lady said to me ‘you tell your husband stop following the alderman and taking pictures,'” she said.

Czosnyka is an outspoken critic of Ald. James Gardiner (45th Ward) and runs the Facebook Page NWS Examiner. He said he doesn’t personally know the woman who did this, but they’ve had some words on social media.

“She would make the right wing comments and I would say ‘show us the facts,”’ Czosnyka said.

He said he’s argued with supports of Gardiner in the past, but never experienced a targeted attack like this.

“It shows the extend that people will go to to try and get some of this done, to try and silence people,” Czosnyka said.

WGN News reached out to Ald. Gardiner. He did not return any calls as of this time. Chicago police have not made any arrests in the case.

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