What can a kid do in the kitchen? Well, it depends how old you are and what your kitchen rules are. But I know that there are plenty of fun things to do in the kitchen for kids of any age! Especially if we’re thinking about science. 

You can use lots of different household materials to do easy science experiments. In fact, even cooking is sometimes a little bit of a science experiment. I love to try baking things with different recipes to see how they come out. That’s chemistry! Making slime is also chemistry. There’s all types of science to explore in these activities and books.


  • Experiment along with librarian Alejandra as she shows us how osmosis works by using gummy bears.
  • What’s inside a seed? Did you know beans are seeds? Try this method to take a look at the inside of dried beans to see how plants work.
  • Did you know you can use chemical reactions to make art? Learn how with Mr. Aldo.
  • What is elephant toothpaste? Make this foamy concoction using household supplies and following these easy instructions.


Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime: Can you ever make enough slime? This YouTuber shares her recipes for lots of inventive slime, like crystal jelly slime using crystals from a clean diaper or edible slime using candy.

Why Is Milk White?: Have you ever wondered why snow melts? Or how to lift fingerprints? Teenage author Alexa Coelho asks these questions and answers them, sometimes adding an experiment you can try, too.

Noodlemania! Use your noodles, and ingredients you might already have at home to create fun and delicious pasta dishes like robot bites, little birds nests and green Martian noodles.

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