Think you’re smarter than the average bear?  Like to drink on the cheap? Full Shilling (3724  N. Clark) [Google Map] offers a variety of drink and food specials to go along with it’s trivia challenge every Tuesday night.

The trivia challenge (actually called Quizzo) can be a good challenge for the trivia leaning bar patron.  It includes 7 different rounds of questions: Entertainment, Name that Tune, Sports, Geography/History, Picture Round, and General Knowledge.  Teams can be any size (although most tend to be four to five players) and are pretty competitive.  Winners receive a $50 gift certificate to the Full Shilling which is more than enough for said trivia night.

Drink specials include $12 table tappers (which are 100 oz. of domestic tap), $3 Goose Islands, and $3.50 shots of Jameson.  Be careful of the shots of the Jameson, however.  They’ll make you think you’re doing better at trivia when you may actually be doing worse.  Drink at your own discretion.  Full Shilling also offers very cheap appetizers with drink purchases, including quarter wings and forty cent sliders.

Multiple flat screens will have you covered for all your sporting needs if you can listen and answer questions while drinking beer and eating.  Again, use discretion.

I’ve attended a few of these events, and never once have I had a tab of over $50, and I’ve always been there with a minimum of three people.  I have yet to win the big prize, but as most trivia fans will attest, it’s not always about winning the prize.  Sometimes, it’s about making your friends look stupid over a beer.

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