GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The first full moon of spring will light up the night sky over the weekend.

The moon will officially be full during the afternoon of March 28, but it will look full on March 27 as well.

The full moon of March is also known as the Worm Moon, named for the worms that start to emerge when spring weather arrives. Other names include the Crow Moon and the Sugar Moon.

It will be the fourth closest full moon to Earth in 2021. April, May and June will all feature full moons that are closer, with the full moon of May being the closest of the year.

As you’re out enjoying the view of the full moon this weekend, keep your eyes open for some planets as well.

Mars will be in the west after dark, high above the horizon. Jupiter and Saturn will be close together in the early morning sky about an hour before sunrise. Look low in the east southeast to see the two.

The northern lights put on a show over the past week and were visible as far south as West Michigan. The colors of the northern lights were captured in the image below as a meteor streaked across the sky.

The northern lights visible in West Michigan the week of March 14, 2021. (Courtesy: Jeff Baurs)

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