DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. (WNCN) — Officials say a stray dog’s unrelenting determination to swipe a stuffed unicorn from a North Carolina store landed him in “custody” but with a happy ending.

A dog named Sisu tried multiple times to take the same stuffed unicorn from a Dollar General in Duplin County, according to the county’s animal services department.

Sisu had obviously set his eyes on the purple unicorn with a red, sparkly horn and hooves, so much so that animal control was called to get a hold of the dog.

According to the department, the officer who responded purchased the unicorn anyway for Sisu and made sure he had it close by when he was brought in to the shelter.

A photo posted by Duplin County’s animal services shows Sisu resting his head on the new friend he just had to have.

The department is looking to find Sisu a new home and describe him as sassy with other dogs and very vocal. Sisu, 1, is also known to be an obedient pup and “loves unicorns from Dollar General”.


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