CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s no sugarcoating it – Peeps are everywhere this time of year.

But if you want a new look at the marshmallow treat, plan a day trip to Racine, Wisconsin.

The Racine Art Museum is hosting the International Peeps Art exhibition. It’s got 138 pieces focused on the marshmallow treat.

Everything from Bernie Sanders and his mittens to Harry Potter and Baby Yoda, to life in COVID from Zoom calls and PPE.

“Everything in here it’s bright it’s colorful it’s springtime. It’s a nice treat after a nice gray winter,” said Jessica Zalewski of the Racine Art Museum.

Only 15 people are allowed in the exhibit at a time. The exhibit runs until April 10.

But if you can’t make it up to Racine, the museum is doing a virtual tour on Facebook on April 7.

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