(NEXSTAR) – “The gap is here to stay,” said former NFL star and “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan Thursday after leading the internet to believe that he had closed the sizable, “signature” space between his front teeth.

On Tuesday, Strahan tweeted out a well-produced video showing his “procedure” at a New York City cosmetic dentistry business.

(Warning: Video contains profanity)

The video was met with a mixture of happiness for Strahan and disappointment. Many people shared photos of their own gaps, describing how he had inspired them.

And while Strahan posted the video two days before April Fools’, it didn’t escape those who saw through the slick video and predicted it was a prank.

On Thursday, Strahan confirmed that his smile had not changed.

“I appreciate all the love for the gap,” Strahan said. “I’ve had it for almost 50 years now and a lot of people out there would always said ‘you make me feel good about rocking mine,’ and everything else. I know it was a shocker to see it gone … “

Strahan encouraged everyone to be who they are and live the way they want to live, saying, “I did.”

And with that, Strahan pulled down his mask and said, “The gap, is here to stay.”

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