The pandemic has affected everyone in some way. We’ve heard about the restaurant industry, but what about Chicago’s bands? What happens when you’re a band in Chicago and the pandemic happens as you’re ready to put out an album?

That is exactly what happened to Floatie. We talked to the band about how they’ve had to change up the way they present their music in a city that’s had its music venues shut down for over a year.

“The good thing that came out of is that it forced us to wait to put out the album, and spend more time on the planning of releasing it,” member Will Wisniewski said.

Chicago’s Floatie is the effort of dear friends making music together. The band is made up of Sam Bern, Luc Schutz, Joe Olson, and Wisniewski.

Their debut album “Voyage Out,” was released Thursday.

Chicago Scene got an exclusive performance of one of the tracks off the album, “In the Night.”

Find more information about Flaotie and how to purchase the album, click here.

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