AUSTIN (KXAN) — Governor McConaughey? President McConaughey? Don’t be dazed or confused — because he says it could happen.

On Tuesday, the Oscar-winning actor and native Texan joined CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla virtually from his Airstream trailer in Austin.

During the 21-miniute sit-down, Quintanilla asked: How are you addressing questions about running for office?

“I’m not teasing the idea — I’m actually looking at the idea and giving it serious consideration,” McConaughey answered. “I have a new chapter for myself, personally in my life. I believe it is in some sort of leadership role. I don’t know what that role is. I don’t know my category. We’ve been talking about the ‘why’ of leadership and even, I would say, we need some more good leaders.”

The actor said he’s not just talking about himself but that other people should consider leadership roles themselves.

McConaughey, who has called himself “aggressively centrist,” urged Americans to find common ground with each other — especially those who don’t share the same views.

“We’ve gotten to this spot where, ‘You voice your opinion and it opposes mine. My gut reaction — our gut reaction — is ‘Oh, you must be saying that at the exclusion of mine’… If I say I’m a believer, someone will say ‘Oh, you must not believe in science.’ Well, I didn’t say that, I’m a believer and I believe in science…two different opinions can exist at the same time.”

At the same, McConaughey did not mince words about those who refuse to face “F-A-C-T-S facts.”

“Live in reality. Trust in facts can lead to trust in others and trust in ourselves,” he said.

McConaughey remarked that Americans are likely more centrist than they think they are but that society and media have contributed to polarization because “that’s what sells.”

The 51-year-old says he’ll continue figuring out how best to make the transition, so for now, you’ll have to wait to see if he ever tries entering the Alright, Alright, Al-White House.

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