MARKHAM, Ill. (CBS) — Markham Mayor Roger Agpawa filed a police report Monday after finding that his campaign signs were thrown away, his face was painted over in blackface on a campaign banner, and someone defecated on the walkway in front of his reelection campaign headquarters.

Markham Mayor Roger Agpawa Campaign Sign Vandalism

(Credit: City of Markham)

The City of Markham said in a news release that Agpawa’s campaign signage was taken down and thrown in garbage receptacles, and a blue banner for the Markham First Party – showing Agpawa at the center alongside city clerk candidate Leslie Trimuel and city Treasurer Belinda Richardson – was defaced with black paint covering Agpawa’s face. A pile of poop – believed to be human feces – was also spotted steps from the front door of Agpawa’s campaign offices, the city said.

Agpawa said he believes the vandalism at his reelection campaign office at 3053 W. 159th St. in the south suburb was in retaliation for the removal of his opponents’ signs by the city. The opponents’ signs were taken down because they did not adhere to city ordinances and were deemed a threat to public safety, a city news release said.

“As the mayor of Markham I must ensure that public safety is a top priority,” Agpawa said in the release. “Drivers need to be able to see as they enter intersections and also to see pedestrians in the crosswalk. When signs obstruct the view of these areas it creates a threat to the life and safety of our residents. Election campaigns are important, but human life is much more important. Signs can be replaced properly, people can’t.”

Agpawa said he will continue campaigning in a “dignified and safe manner.”

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