CHICAGO (CBS) — There were a lot of busted brackets, except for the Loyola Ramblers fans who never lost faith.

The campus and its fans are buzzing, and when it comes to team pride Joe Dlugosz wears his on his sleeve… and his hats, and his shelves and his wall.

“I would argue that maybe I’m the biggest lunatic fan of us all,” the super fan said.

And after a quick transformation, CBS 2’s Marissa Parra got the chance to meet team mascot Lu Wolf himself.

Together as a pack, they went on the hunt for students, but this year they are a little harder to find. Normally the sidewalks are more crowded, but what the campus lacks in a sea of staff and students as many are still learning remotely, it makes up for with enthusiasm.

“You can feel it on the campus. Everyone’s kind of buzzing, even if we are separated,” said student Maggie Guidici.

Even the operations manager for Bulldog Ale House down the street is rooting for the Ramblers, if only because of the smiles and the business the game brings.

“I’m absolutely rooting for them because it’s awesome to see people coming out again. It’s just been such a rough year for everybody,” said Kyle Kramer.

After a year of unwelcome surprises, the Ramblers’ win was one fans embraced with open arms.

“The atmosphere among fans is crazy,” said Dlugosz. “All I ever wanted before I died was one NCAA tournament appearance, now this! I wouldn’t even let myself dream of what’s been going on the last few years.”

Bulldog Ale House, by the way, says they had a nearly three hour wait on Ramblers game day last weekend.

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