CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said because Adam Toledo’s mother did not immediately file a missing persons report, that led to why the family was notified days after the 13-year-old was shot to death.

The teen was shot and killed early last Monday after he was shot to death by Chicago police.

Brown maintained that CPD chased Toldeo and an adult in an alley in Little Village following a ShotSpotter report.

“A foot pursuit ensued, which resulted in a confrontation in the alley. At approximately 2:38am, striking Adam in the chest,” Brown said. “A gun was covered and (Toledo) was pronounced deceased at the scene.

“An adult put a gun in a child’s hand,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who said she wants the police department to find the origins of the gun police said was found.

“I have directed the superintendent and the chief of detectives use every resource to track down the origins of his gun, through tracing fingerprinting, and DNA, and any other means and to find the person responsible for giving it to Adam. I want to bring that person or persons responsible.”

Lightfoot said she there should be a review of the practice of foot chases.

“In January, 2018, the Obama administration the DOJ flagged for chases, or something that required immediate consideration. And I agreed, way back in August of 2019 as a candidate, but I commented on a draft of the consent decree that was offered up for public comment,” Lightfoot said. “Unfortunately, the final version of the consent decree, put this issue off for several years, but it is now past time to act.”

Brown said the 21-year-old with Adam had given authorities a phony name, leading to more time passing before the teen was identified.

Brown said the officer involved has been placed on desk duty, as is routine after an officer involved shooting, until the investigation is completed.

Lightfoot also ask the public to refrain from condemnation of the family. Adam’s mother said she has received critical messages from the community regarding the teen’s whereabouts.

“None of us have walked in Ms. Toledo’s shoes. I know that there is only one who can judge,” Lightfoot said. “This is a complicated story. It’s not my story, particularly not as our understanding of facts is evolving. Her family needs our love and support in this moment, not withering judgment.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, the agency that investigates Chicago police shootings, will allow the family to review the footage next week.

It is important to note COPA originally said that because Adam Toledo was a child they couldn’t release the video without a court order, but after a closer look at that statute, the video will now be released — first to the family and then the public within 60 days.

“We need answers for that family and this community,” said Enrique Enriquez, with a group of little village residents calling for more transparency.

They  returned to the spot where 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot in the chest and killed by a Chicago police officer early Monday. His mom says family wasn’t notified for two days. She claims Adam has no criminal background or affiliations.

“I just want to know what really happened to my baby,” said Elizabeth Toledo.

Elizabeth Toledo will get that opportunity next week when she views the officer body camera video.

“Ironically this child wanted to be an officer, and he was shot by the hands of another officer,” said Adeena Weiss the family’s attorney.

Police say Adam had a gun that night. Weiss said that would surprise the family.


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