LAKE COUNTY, Ill. — A $30 million dollar state grant aims to help Lake County when it comes to flood control.

It is part of a more comprehensive plan to deal with increasingly-destructive flooding in the area. The $30 million is the first installment of $122 million coming from the Illinois Department of Commerce. The federal government is providing the agency with the money through the American Rescue Plan.

Highland Park resident Todd Needleman and countless neighbors have been hit hard.

“Flooding our house, up to the basement almost midway to the ceiling and it was significantly traumatic,” Needleman said. “We see streets closed. We see neighbors stuck in their homes. Because they can’t access the streets.”

Ryan Holz and residents who live near rivers and creeks across Lake County are grateful to hear about the flood control dollars.

“These dollars are going to be put to use this year,” Holz said. “Projects that are ready to go.”

Lake County Board Member Paul Frank said more than a dozen flood control projects across the county benefit from the money.  

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“This is going to make a huge impact in terms of being able to get these projects done,” he said. “And it’s very rare that in public infrastructure that you get funding and shovels in the ground under the same calendar year.”

Gov. Pritzker is reportedly traveling to Lake County next week to announce the grant.

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