Joshua (Josh) Hoyt of Chicago is the Global Citizenship Hero. Joshua has dedicated most of his adult life to serving immigrant communities in Illinois and across the country. His community activism was sparked by his experience while studying abroad in Barcelona in the ‘70s. He saw how hundreds of thousands of people turned to the streets to demand freedom and democracy after the death of Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco. Throughout his long career, Joshua has worked to enable the voices of many, including the undocumented immigrant population, and has fought for access to healthcare, education and for a path to legal status. In 2012, he became the founding director of the National Partnership for New Americans, which is comprised of immigrant right organizations from all over the country. Joshua has also advocated to remove barriers that make it difficult for legal immigrants to become citizens, which includes the cost of the application that many are unable to afford. Joshua, who retired in 2020, has served as a mentor to many who now continue carrying the torch of community activism.

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