CHICAGO — The city of Chicago welcomed 32 more migrants Wednesday, now having 3,716 asylum seekers who arrived on buses from the Texas border.

According to the city, the families were provided with immediate shelter and support to meet basic needs, including basic management and connections to services from many community-based agencies.

What’s next for the migrants who were bused to Chicago?

The city of Chicago released a statement that said:

“We have a responsibility to provide shelter, food, and medical care for each individual and family – many of whom walked hundreds of miles, navigating great danger through multiple countries, in pursuit of safety and opportunity in the United States. Illinois is a welcoming state.  We are committed to assisting each family and individual, providing human services with respect and dignity.”

For more information on how to assist these efforts in any way, visit:

Instituto del Progreso Latino (

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Support Asylum Seekers! – Cook County Health Foundation (

Information on the Asylum Seekers Disaster Proclamation – Ready Home (

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