Netflix’s adaptation of Moxie is coming out on March 3rd, so now is the perfect time to read some great books about teens fighting against injustice and standing up for themselves. In Moxie, Vivian Carter is sick and tired of the way her high school treats the female students. She’s had enough of the football team getting away with all kinds of inappropriate behavior, while girls are regularly pulled out of class for being dressed “distractingly”. Inspired by her mom’s past as a Riot Grrrl, she anonymously creates a feminist zine. What she thought would be an angry shout into the void becomes a revolution.

Liz Lighty has a plan: survive her senior year, get out of her tiny Midwestern town and attend Pennington College’s elite music conservatory. As You Should See Me in A Crown begins, her financial aid falls through and that perfect future is in jeopardy. Now her only options are to miss out on attending her dream school or go after the scholarship awarded to the prom king and queen every year. The trouble is she’s not exactly the type of girl who usually wins.

Clara Evans loves books more than anything. When her school puts out a list of “prohibited media,” some of her favorite books vanish from library shelves overnight. Anyone seen with these books on school property will be punished. Clara won’t stand for this kind of censorship, so she opens an underground library out of her locker. Suggested Reading is the story of what happens when those in power try to take what’s most important to us.

No one who goes to school with Allie Abraham knows that she and her family are Muslim. It’s not exactly a secret, but her blond hair and non-practicing parents lead people to make assumptions. Problems start to arise when she realizes her sweet, perfect boyfriend is the son of Jack Henderson, the most conservative, Islamaphobic radio host in America. All-American Muslim Girl is about Allie struggling with faith, family, and identity when it would be so much easier to keep pretending.

By Amy

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