Every year in April, we celebrate Earth Day. The timing is perfect as the earth wakes up from its winter rest and plants start to grow fresh, new greenery. For Earth Day, we can learn ways to help care for our planet, such as planting new trees.

In My Friend Earth, readers follow the Earth through the seasons. Earth is beautifully drawn as a girl with brown skin and black hair who cares for animals and their habitats. Flaps and die-cut pages provide details to explore as you consider all our Earth does for us. 

Do you have a favorite tree outside your home? Perhaps that tree is great for climbing or staying cool in the summer. For the kids in Our Tree Named Steve, the huge tree in their yard is all of those things and more until one fateful day. Can the family continue to love Steve the tree through their memories?

Perhaps Steve’s family could plant a new tree to share their love with future generations. Families all over the world see the impact planting just one tree has on their communities in We Planted A Tree.

In Call me tree, this English/Spanish bilingual title shows how children and trees are alike in the way they grow, their individuality and the important role each one plays in the world.

Other living things also keep the Earth healthy, even if they are very small. Meet an earthworm who goes on a journey to discover just why he does what he does in Carl and the Meaning of Life.

Have fun and try some tree-friendly craft projects that use recycled cardboard from around your house. Just think Out of the Box to make fun games, puppets, masks and decorations with materials that might have been thrown out otherwise.

How will you celebrate Earth Day? What can you do to help take care of our world everyday?

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