CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s new video of the moment two Chicago police officers made a decision that saved the life of a 13-year-old boy in South Chicago.

Swaysee Rankin was walking with his 14-year-old cousin Monday night at 82nd and Coles when someone in a red Jeep shot the teens then drove off. Two CPD officers were first to the scene.

They said Rankin’s injuries were very serious. In video shared on the Citizen app, you can see Officers Julius Givens and Rhonda Ward from the Fourth District carrying Rankin to their squad car.

They said they didn’t have time to wait for EMS, so they took him to Comer’s Children’s Hospital themselves. Both officers talked about that quick response.

“The fact that he is a 13-year-old child, as soon as we arrived on scene, the first thing we realized is how young he is,” said Officer Julius Givens, CPD 4th District “He was all but a boy, and that does not leave you. And that sped up our process.”

Both teens are recovering in the hospital.

Rankin’s mother said there’s no doubt the officers saved her son’s life and hopes to thank them in person. Soon.

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