CHICAGO (CBS) — As the cries to get rideshare drivers better protection continues, the family of a driver murdered this week reflected. Family and friends went out to a memorial in Franklin Park to make sure people knew he was more than just a rideshare driver.

“Just a kindhearted person overall,” said Lili Ramos, the younger sister of victim Javier Ramos. “If I had a chance I would have advised my brother from driving completely,” she said.

Javier worked for Uber. This week a passenger shot the loving father during a carjacking, leaving him to die in the street alone. His sister said he was fully aware of the danger rideshare drivers face in Chicago but stayed on the job.

“He did have some concerns,” she said. “That’s why he made sure to stay within safe areas, but as an Uber driver you can’t select where you pick up or take passengers. That’s where it’s unfortunate he ended up in an unsafe neighborhood.”

As family, friends and fellow drivers paused to remember his life in Franklin Park, they also called for companies to better protect workers.

“I’m very upset with Uber,” said Lili. “We’ve yet to hear from there, first of all.”

While Uber and Lyft are under fire, CBS 2 has learned both companies are working with Chicago Police Department investigators to provide data linking to many of the fake accounts the criminals are using. But drivers and family of victims say the companies only get involved after there is a crime. They want measures in place to deter the crimes.

“There has to be something done that can protect these driver at that moment when their life is at risk,” Lili said.

As Javier’s family remembers him, they are also seeking justice. Orange ribbons are an indication of the violence they say is going on throughout the city. They are hoping no other rideshare family will have to experience what they are.  

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