(CBS) – The Challenge: All Stars is now live on Paramount+! The latest season of the iconic reality competition will feature some of the greatest competitors in the shows history facing off in Argentina for a shot at the show’s $500,000 grand prize.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to The Challenge‘s Derrick Kosinki and Jisela Delgado about their preparation for the game, filming during a pandemic and what fans can expect.

MW: Derrick, Jisela nice to see you today! You’re both veterans of The Challenge. What was your reaction when you got the call about going back doing it again?

DK: Oh, what kind of cool stuff are we going to be able to get into here? How much is the pot for? Who’s going to be there? Can we do something awesome? Usually that never fails, it just depends on you.

You worry about what the anxiety attack is going to be like when you get inside the game and how bad you’re either going to have to cut one of your old friends or how bad one of them is going to cut you. Once you get in there, it’s one of the most difficult games in the world.

JD: My experience was totally different. A fan tagged Mark Long on my social media. That’s how I was introduced to this whole concept, the whole challenge coming back thing. I was floored that people still remember me. I was just more like, baffled at that. I didn’t have any of Derrick’s thoughts. [Laughs]

MW: You’re right though Derrick when you’re about to put your body through a challenge I guess knowing how much money is on the line is a pretty important question to ask.

DK: Yeah, I mean, I often times describe it as a chess game with real people and real emotions. If you can make it to the end and you have a shot at winning the money, it’s a feat in itself. Some people are coming in the game and they’re like, oh, how far can I make it?

I’m like, no, dude. I’m like, it’s win or bust for me. I’ve played this game enough times to be like, you should be able to figure this out somehow. Being first place and winning $500,000 is life changing. I have a slightly different mindset. It’s an all-star game, we’re about to go play in the Super Bowl, the most extraordinary people on the planet.

MW: Jisela, I know it’s been a while since you competed. What was it like going back into that and doing it in Argentina during a pandemic nonetheless?

JD: For me I went in with this whole mentality of I’ve already had a near death experience. I have a new lease on life, now we’re about to do it all. When I got out there, I was like, what is wrong with people? Why are they so scared? I felt like we’ve had 20 years, in my case 15 years to overcome any fears we’ve had. That’s what I did.

I came balls to the wall, like, bring it or go home. I had no mercy for anyone because I didn’t know these people personally. I may have been on a show, but that was 15 years ago, you’re not my homey. I was ready to cut throat. That’s how I approached this game. [laughs]

Filming in a pandemic was just like another part of the job. Got to get the nose swab, got to test negative every day, keep yourself safe, keep yourself protected. There was anxiety with that, coupled with high blood pressure from every challenge that we have to do. Then the emotional fiasco of all these personalities and divas. It was a lot.

MW: Derrick, I’m curious too, you’ve been in so many of these, what’s the preparation like before you actually get there when you have no idea what you’re actually going to be doing?

DK: Well during a pandemic, it’s tough because you’re like, oh, I should probably run, swim, climb, work on my puzzles. But during a pandemic, I can’t even get to the gym. I hate running, I’m getting older. This doesn’t feel good on my body anymore. You just forget. It’s not like you prepare for this stuff all the time. You’re not doing this like an NBA season. You’re not playing basketball and then taking a break and then playing basketball again. You forget, you have no idea.

You literally have to prepare yourself for anything and everything. How do you be the best at being good at everything? I mean, I’m still trying to figure out. You got any tips? You tell me. I tried. [Laughs]

MW: You have way more experience than I do, I got nothing for you [laughs]. Now before I let you both go here, what can fans expect from this is an all-star season?

DK: The show is bringing back some of the most entertaining and interesting people from before. They are some of the most ridiculous human beings put on the planet. They’re about to go through it in an all-star game. It starts with the very first competition with a death defying experience. At least for me, literally, near death experience.

JD: I would tell them, don’t think you know these people. You knew them 20 years ago, they have crafted themselves in a different way. They are coming with a different kind of heat. Don’t think for one second you have any idea what’s coming your way.

MW: Awesome, I know we’re all very excited to see you both in action. Once again, thank you so much for the time and all the best!

DK: Thank you!

JD: Thanks, Matt.

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