CHICAGO (CBS) — A maroon SUV captured on camera over and over again, but the carjackers inside are still on the loose after a very busy night.

CBS’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports from Bucktown with a warning about the crew behind a speedy crime spree.

On one block, there was an attempted car jacking Monday night. It was one of four incidents in just two hours and 40 minutes. Each has one thing in common. Police said the suspects were driving a maroon colored SUV.

A woman pulls up on the the 1900 block of W. Wabansia, in a white SUV, about 11 minutes after 8:00 Monday night in Bucktown.

Seconds later, a maroon colored SUV with several men inside, pulls out of the alley and heads east down Wabansia then slowly backs up.

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You can see the taillights of the maroon SUV after it pulls up next to the woman in the white SUV off camera. Next a male voice says “Unlock it!” (verbatim on screen) most likely telling the woman to unlock her phone. Police said her phone and purse were taken.

About 45 minutes later, on the 2100 block of W. Moffat, the same maroon SUV is captured on at least two Nest cameras, first backing down the street, then driving in the right direction on Moffat. Police said moments after this, a woman in a 2017 Mazda truck was carjacked.

These are just two of the four carjackings and armed robberies that happened in the 14th police district Monday night. On the 1900 block of N. Honore, police said the same men tried to take a 2010 Chevy Traverse from a man. On the 1700 block of W. Le Moyne, police said the men took a victim’s bag and wallet, forced her out of her SUV, then drove off in her 2016 Nissan Rogue.

Police said the suspects have held their victims at gunpoint and have ordered them to get out of their vehicles. They’ve also been demanding PIN codes to debit cards and cellphones.

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