CHICAGO (CBS) — Congressman Danny Davis is among those urging community support for Loretto Hospital, in the midst of a vaccine scandal that prompted the city to cut off its supply of shots, and led to the resignation of West Side hospital’s chief operating officer.

Davis said no one should give up on the hospital no matter what.

“We know that there have been problems. We don’t deny that at all. But I do know that there are efforts underway to correct whatever those problems have been. We want to undergird this institution with confidence and with enough support that it does not become a marginal hospital,” Davis said.

Loretto is under fire, accused of giving shots to ineligible but well-connected people, including employees of Trump Tower, Cook County judges, members of a suburban church, employees of a luxury watch and jewelry store on the Gold Coast, and others.

The city has pulled the hospital’s vaccine supply. Chief operating officer and chief financial officer Dr. Anosh Ahmed resigned earlier this week, and CEO George Miller remains under intense scrutiny even after the hospital board said he was “reprimanded” over the scandal.

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