COOK COUNTY, Ill. — Congressman Bobby Rush announced his choice Thursday for who he wants as his successor.

Rush threw his support behind Karin Norigton-Reaves in the race. She is currently on leave from her post as CEO of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership. 

In Thursday’s announcement, Rush emphasized the district’s long history of launching the careers of Black political leaders.   

Rush adds that Norigton-Reaves is a rising political star and he’s throwing his total support behind her. 

“Total commitment,” Rush said.

‘I will remain on the front lines’: Rep. Bobby Rush formally announces he won’t seek reelection

“I have navigated both sides of the fifth floor for over a decade,” Norigton-Reaves said. “Anybody that can do that can surely do this.”

Norigton-Reaves has never held elected office before, but the outgoing congressman’s endorsement could give her an edge in what is shaping up to be a crowded race to replace him. 

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