CHICAGO (CBS) — Teachers, police, and neighbors gathered for a discussion Monday night in the wake of a shooting that killed 14-year-old Kevin Tinker Jr. in Roseland this month – and another shooting that killed his mother a matter of days later on the very same block.

The meeting was held at a gym at Kevin’s school. Participants talked about violence, and solutions.

“The most important thing is for us to give up these people who are shooting in our community; who have people afraid in their house,” said Chicago Director of Community Policing Glen Brooks.

At 5:09 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, Kevin was shot multiple times and killed in the 200 block of West 110th Place, off Wentworth Avenue.

Early this past Wednesday morning, Kevin’s mother – Delisa Tucker, 31 – was shot in the chest and killed while visiting the spot where her son was killed. Tucker was a mother of six. She was laying a candle for her son at the time.

On Thursday, police released surveillance video of two suspects – whom for now they are only connecting to Kevin’s murder.

If you take a close look – the first suspect – labeled “Suspect #1” in the video released by police = is seen in a tee with a hood and mask over his face. His eyes exposed.

The second – “Suspect #2” – has his full face in plain view.

Both are wearing black hooded sweat shirts and black pants, and one is wearing black gym shoes, the other white gym shoes.

They’re seen on surveillance video at the unidentified store, buying something with cash and later checking out.

Soon after, video picks them up getting into a silver Nissan with an Illinois license plate in pain view. The two sit in the vehicle for a bit, fidgeting with something that one suspect throws out the window – which might have fingerprints on it.

There is a $15,000 reward for any anonymous tip that leads to a conviction in the murder of Kevin or his mother, or any other unsolved Chicago murder.

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