A casual cafe with a red sign overlaying the image that reads “Sorry We’re Closed”

An ongoing archive of the year’s shutters

Closing a restaurant or bar is a heartbreaking endeavor for operators and customers alike. The hospitality industry is a grueling one and the federal government had been reluctant to provide COVID-19 relief until recently. Some worry that the aid is too little too late as many independent restaurateurs have bled through savings over the duration of 2020. The National Restaurant Association claims more than 110,000 restaurants have closed due to the novel coronavirus.

But even under normal circumstances, restaurants and bars face challenges including rising real estate and labor costs, competition from venture capital-backed ghost kitchens, and an over-saturated market. For customers, waving goodbye to their favorite neighborhood haunts has made the pandemic even more challenging. Subscribe and follow this feed for an ongoing archive of places that closed in 2021. The stream includes Eater Chicago’s weekly closings report and individual stories.

Restaurant and bar closures in 2020 are available here.

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