GARY, Ind. – Chicago and a non-profit have filed a lawsuit against a Gary gun shop claiming that they funnel some firearms into the city.

The lawsuit, filed by the city and non-profit Everytown Law for Gun Safety Support Fund, alleges Westforth Sports, located in the 4700 block of Roosevelt Street in Gary, sold hundreds of guns to straw purchasers that ended up in being used in the commission of Chicago crimes.

They believes in many cases, the firearms went into the hands of convicted felons and gangs.

Often times, according to the lawsuit, multiple sales of the same gun were done through large-scale purchases and alleged manipulation of federal gun-buying laws.

It’s the first time the city has sued a gun shop in 20 years.

“You’ve heard me say this before out CPD Officers take more crime guns off the street every year than New York and LA combined,” Mayor Lightfoot said. “You can literally go over the border Indiana and get military grade weapons in any quantity you want if you have the money to spend.”

The gun shop did not have comment and no potential damages were specified.

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