CHICAGO (CBS)– As CBS 2 continues Working for Chicago, we’re working with a career coach every week to bring you advice about looking for and landing a job.

This week Lynee Alves, president of Interview Like An Expert, dives into the best ways to address being laid off and big gaps in employment during an interview.

“They best way to address a layoff, if you’re asked about it in a job interview, is to address it head on, be direct, short succinct and to the point,” Alves said.

Alves says your employment gap explanation should not divulge too much information. After your brief explainer, focus on why you’re choosing to re-enter the workforce now.

“By being direct and not dwelling on details when you address a layoff in an interview, it demonstrates to an employer that you’ve got a forward thinking attitude, that you are focused on the positive and you’re demonstrating resilience which is such an important quality in the workplace these days,” She said.

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