CHICAGO — Authorities returned to the Streeterville condo Friday where they found pipe bombs and a body earlier in the week.

Authorities are in the process of executing a search warrant at 240 E. Illinois. St.

During the search, police said chemical compounds were discovered within the apartment. Chicago police said they are in the process of removing moving the items.

Police said they wanted to “double” and “triple check” the condo to make sure they got everything out as a precautionary measure.

Early Wednesday morning following a welfare check call, police discovered the body of Theodore Hilk, 30.

At first, authorities believed Hilk may have been operating a meth lab, which triggered a response from the fire department’s HAZMAT team and the FBI. They then found two pipe bombs and other explosive material inside the residence.

Hilk’s LinkedIn page shows he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has a background in quantitative finance, software development and mathematics.

Investigators said they will delve deeply into his online history, looking at who he had contact with and where he retrieved the bomb-making elements.

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