MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many in the Black community are watching each day’s testimony in the Derek Chauvin trial closely.

It’s brought up a lot of emotions and sparked important conversations, especially with children.

Inside the Nomadic Oasis Barber Lounge in Minneapolis, every television is tuned in to the trial. Faysal Osman is the shop’s owner.

“It wasn’t no thought. That’s just a given,” Osman said.

Ernest Sutton stopped in for a cut Wednesday with his 8-year-old son, Elias, who is very aware of what’s going on. Ernest talks with him every day about it, as well as his role and responsibility in society.

(credit: CBS)

“Me being a father, my job is to educate him, to teach him, but also challenge him,” Sutton said. “If he wants to see change, he has to be that change.”

The 9-year-old witness on Tuesday struck a chord with Sutton, who recognized the courage it takes to testify. Osman, a father of three, was also moved by her, as well as Darnella Frazier, who recorded the video of Floyd’s deadly arrest that went viral.

“Psychologically, these kids will be tormented,” Osman said. “The young lady yesterday said she could barely sleep. That’s just crazy. She can’t even sleep.”

A difficult bit of testimony for barber Derrick Howard was when Donald Williams told defense attorney Eric Nelson, “You can’t paint me out as angry.” For Howard, it evoked the trope of the “angry black man.”

“A lot of people are angry,” Howard said. “Of course he’s going to have emotions, but like he was explaining, ‘I kept it professional though’ [when he tried to intervene when George Floyd died]. You get little stereotypes that most people don’t pay attention to, we go through it every day.”

Like Sutton, Osman says he explains everything that happens to his kids and doesn’t hide anything from them.

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