CHICAGO (CBS) — On Tuesday night, Lucas Giolito threw a season-high 114 pitches as a 2-1 White Sox lead against the Detroit Tigers in the seventh turned into a 5-2 loss.

The White Sox also lost even though the Tigers committed a season-high five errors.

It was a questionable decision by Manager Tony La Russa to leave Giolito in, especially since Giolito admitted after the game that he was out of gas.

La Russa said he was very aware of the situation and definitely not sleeping.

“I’m paying attention during the game, so when it’s over, if somebody thinks I made a mistake, then it wasn’t because I was distracted and falling asleep or anything. In the end, I set the time. With the extra rest he had, I felt confident he could get it. I was surprised, as you could tell, when he said, you know, like he was running out of gas,” La Russa said. “And the buck passes to the guy who makes the decisions. That’s me, so I take the responsibility.”

The White Sox will play the Tigers again in a doubleheader on Thursday. Their game on Wednesday night was called off due to rain.

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