CHICAGO – Few could have foreseen Liam Hendriks blowing a save Sunday aside from maybe his tarot card reader Rubi, who served up some sage advice for the White Sox closer.

“Stop worrying about trying to live up to expectations. Stop worrying about trying to do this. Just go out there and be you. Go out there and be pitch by pitch. That’s when this stuff happens.”

Blown saves are rare for Hendriks. It’s only happened nine times since 2018, when he first started using Rubi’s services after his wife saw an Instagram post about her on Sarah Hyland’s feed.

“My wife ended up reaching out to Rubi. She wasn’t expecting a response and she had a response, straight away. We did a reading middle of August, I think,” Hendriks explained. “We went through some things and she told me I needed to make a change with certain things with my agent and stuff like that. We ended up changing agencies. A week later I was in the big leagues. A week later I was in the big leagues. A month later I was starting the Wild Card game.”

A year later Hendriks was in the All-Star game. Two years later he was in the top ten in Cy Young voting. Unsurprisingly, his relationship with Rubi has only grown.

“We’ve been using her for manifesting everything ever since. We spent Thanksgiving with her two years ago. They were over Christmas. They’re now part of our family.”

But, Rubi is no guru when it comes to the game itself.

“She has no idea about baseball. She keeps calling it the ‘mount’ instead of the mound,” noted Hendriks. “That’s the best part about it. She’s not like a baseball fan that’s giving me information that she thinks is right. She has no idea about the game. She’s just telling me purely from an emotional and a physical standpoint of where she can kind of feel and see the differences in the way I’m talking about things and describing things.”

So why put so much stock into the advice of an energy healer?

“Same thing as when you’re reading a book and all of a sudden that one little passage just jumps out at you and almost hits you over the head. That’s what happens with what I do with Rubi.

“She also said that, at the start of the offseason, she foresaw above three, not four and for over 50.

Hendriks wound up signing a three-year, $54 million contract with the Sox.

“This was in the first week of October or just after the playoffs, so if you want to talk about accuracy, she’s got that pretty down pat, too.”

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