Empanada Mama & The Pie Man in Lakeview serves the Argentine hand pies with seven highly varied fillings. | Empanada Mama & The Pie Man

Sample an array of styles from all over Latin America

Originating in Spain, empanadas spread throughout Latin America where the snack developed numerous regional variations. Luckily Chicago’s diverse food scene means it’s easy to try versions from Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, along with fusions of the different styles and explore the differences between baked and fried preparations and the numerous sweet or savory fillings like beef, cheese, and plantains. Another key element is the dipping sauces ranging from garlicky chimichurri to spicy salsa. These 14 spots provide a delicious sampling. Customers don’t have to worry about ordering too many in the name of experimentation since empanadas usually reheat very well in an oven.

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