CHICAGO (CBS) — Bears third-year running back David Montgomery raised some eyebrows when he said a local trainer was basically teaching him how to run.

That trainer is Chris Korfist, a teacher at Hinsdale Central High School and track coach at Homewood-Flossmoor – who also does speed training.

Korfist uses technology and his knowledge of running to help athletes like Montgomery run faster.

“David got by with just being an incredibly powerful athlete – and that was good enough. But he felt the need that, you know, his goal is to be the best running back in the NFL for a number of years,” Korfist said. “I have a machine here that will measure every step that you take. I know your peak velocities; your average velocities. I know everything that goes on, and we track a lot.”

Korfist got connected with Montgomery through his former student and Bears practice squad player Thomas Ives.

More on just how his speed science works, tonight on the CBS 2 News at 10.

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