CHICAGO – It was yet another rough afternoon to be at Bears’ fan in 2021, and there’s still seven more weeks to go in the season.

Hopes of a turnaround continue to get less and less as the games go by, with Sunday’s defeat at the Ravens perhaps the most painful. Even with Lamar Jackson out, Baltimore came into Chicago and pulled out a 16-13 win that played out like a nightmare for fans.

After taking the lead with under two minutes to go, the Bears coughed it up to backup Tyler Huntley and visitors as they allowed a 72-yard touchdown drive to get the win. Now at 3-7 and with starting quarterback Justin Fields injured, the Bears have a short week to get ready for their Thanksgiving Day game with the Lions.

Christine Flores and Larry Hawley recapped the game on this week’s edition of “The 9-Yard Line” on Monday, which you can see in the video above.

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