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Who doesn’t love a scary story? Whether you’re reading on the porch or flipping pages at night, teen mystery books can always bring thrills and chills no matter the season. On August 30, author Jennifer Lynn Barnes will release The Final Gambit , the third installment of the popular Inheritance Games trilogy. Until then, here are some similar and mysterious titles to check out in anticipation of The Final Gambit.

House of Salt and Sorrows– Ghosts, curses and exploring the macabre. These are the words to best describe this terrifying and supernatural title. Annaleigh lives in Highmoor, a manor by the sea with her sisters, father and stepmother. By the time they turn twelve, four of Annleigh’s sisters die with each death more painful than the last. With ghostly visions haunting her, Annaleigh embarks on a journey to discover the truth on whether their deaths were truly accidents. 

Nothing More To Tell– If you dig up the past, be prepared to shake up the present. In this exciting thriller, Brynn still wonders about the death of her favorite teacher, whose body was found behind the woods four years ago. The murder remains unsolved, and Brynn seeks to find out the truth. 

The Counselors – Camp Crystal Lake doesn’t compare to this eerie, daunting thriller. Goldie Easton is a fun-going camp counselor who works at the prestigious Camp Alpine Lake along with her best friends Ava and Imogen. However, things take a turn for the worse when the body of a teen is found at the lake. Worse? Ava was at the lake the same night. What did Ava see? What secrets is Goldie hiding? Find out. 

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