CHICAGO — Dozens of Chicago police officers, including members of the SWAT team are dealing with a barricade situation in the city’s Pulaski Park neighborhood outside of a motel.

A police tactical unit has surrounded the Rodeway Inn Motel at the corner of North Lincoln Avenue and North Jersey Avenues in Pulaski Park on the Northwest Side.

Sources have told WGN News that the situation involves Roberto Andino, a man who is currently a person of interest in a suspicious death being investigated in Kenosha after a vehicle being sought after in connection to the death was located at the motel.

Chicago Police are dealing with a “hostage barricade” situation at a motel located near the corner of N. Lincoln Ave. and N. Jersey Ave. on the Northwest Side. @WGNNews

— Mike Lowe (@MikeLoweReports) September 8, 2021

Kenosha police said they performed a welfare check on a woman who didn’t report to work and couldn’t be reached after the Labor Day weekend, and found her dead at her Kenosha home with her vehicle and gun missing.

Chicago police have been trying to bring the standoff to a peaceful conclusion this afternoon, near crowds of people at the nearby Lincoln Village shopping center.

Police have made several announcements over a loudspeaker, asking the suspect to surrender peacefully with no response yet.

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