From Swamps to Parks: Building Chicago’s Public Spaces is on display now in Harold Washington Library Center’s 9th floor exhibit hall. Want to experience Chicago Parks for yourself? Here’s a fun scavenger hunt to get you started!

Humboldt Park, undated. Source: Chicago Public Library, Special Collections and Preservation Division, Chicago Parks District Records: PhotographsGo to a museum in a park
Go to a library in a park
Visit the Grant statue in Lincoln Park
Visit the Lincoln statue in Grant Park
Visit a park that opened in the last five years
Walk around a lagoon
Take a bike ride in a park
Attend a park program
Visit a park that hosted a festival
Visit a park that was a World’s Fair site
Have a picnic in the park
Play a sport in the park
Visit a park you’ve never been to before
Find out when your local fieldhouse was built
Read a library book in a park
Visit a Park District conservatory
Visit a park that currently or in the past held a zoo
Visit one of the boulevards
Visit a beach
Stop by a boathouse in a park
Visit one of the first 11 parks built between 1900-1906

Did you complete them all? Let us know in the comments!

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