WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento teacher is dealing with backlash after speaking at a Washington Unified School District board meeting, making bold statements and drawing national attention.

Sacramento City Unified Teacher, Damian Harmony, spoke as a parent in the Washington Unified School District in this regard. Harmony posted his words on Facebook but has since put his profile on private. Pieces of it once read:

“I’m as disappointed as I am unsurprised that last week, we all had to hear all the cynical, pearl-clutching, faux-urgency, ableist, structurally white supremacist, hysteria, even as teachers were moving forward with an MOU that already put them in harm’s way and was asking too much of a beleaguered group of professionals.”

Sacramento City Unified and Washington Unified – the district Harmony spoke directly to – both released statements stating his words don’t reflect their values. Some believe their statements aren’t enough.

“The statement that came out from the district today (Wednesday) was really disheartening,” said Christy McKinney, a parent of a Washington Unified student. “I was actually blown away that not only a parent – but also an educator – would make those kinds of statements about parents.”

Harmony’s post also later went on to compare some parents’ treatment of teachers to country club wait staff.

Parents like McKinney were shocked to read the statement in full. The Reopen California Schools movement felt the same way and hoped the district would condemn the harsh language used further and demand an apology from Harmony.

“I do think he needs to apologize and assess his opinions,” said Jonathan Zachreson, with Reopen CA Schools.

Meanwhile, parents like Casey Wharton were also startled to read the statement.

“To use that language and be so harsh about it – it’s not needed,” she said. She understands the message, but not the delivery.

“I feel that the teachers love their students. They love their job,” Wharton said. “If they didn’t feel safe – I wouldn’t want to force them into that situation.”

CBS13 also reached out to Harmony directly. He declined to comment.

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