ROBBINS, Ill. — Police officers in Robbins who did not report for duty over the weekend are expected to return Tuesday.

Thirteen officers called off sick as they seek a new labor contract with better pay and working conditions. According to the Chicago Tribune, Robbins starts officers at $11.50 to $12.50 an hour with no benefits. Sergeants start at $13 an hour.

Cook County Sheriff’s deputies stepped in to patrol the streets over the weekend.

Robbins officers expected to return to work soon after being fed up with working conditions

The police unions did not call the sick out a strike and did not condone it either, still union leadership says more clearly needs to be done to help officers.

Mayor Darren Bryant was elected in May and was unaware how bad the relationship was between the village and the department. He said he is working to resolve the issues with the police department.

Union negotiations will resume Tuesday morning behind closed doors and a new police chief is expected to be sworn in Tuesday night.

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