CHICAGO (CBS) — The UCLA Bruins are a big reason why many people have long had their NCAA Tournament brackets busted. But that is not the case for 13-year-old Sam Tomas of suburban Riverside.

Sam’s bracket is alive and doing amazingly well. He is currently in third place in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge — out of more than 16 million entries.

But how has he done it?

“I literally did not think that any of this would happen,” he said. “I picked USC to go to the Elite Eight. I had Baylor versus Arkansas there. I mean, UCLA, that’s what’s gotten me so far in the Final Four. It’s all just been crazy because it’s all luck, really. There’s no skill taken into this.

Sam is a Michigan State fan. He picked the winner of the Spartans/UCLA First Four game to go to theFinal Four.

He thought it would be MSU, but he still gets the points with the Bruins making it.

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