DELPHI, Ind. – While defense attorneys for the man charged in the Delphi murders maintain their client’s innocence, prosecutors claim they have a “very solid case” against Richard Allen.

Both sides appeared in court Tuesday for a hearing to determine if court records related to the case would remain sealed.

Booking photo of Richard Allen

Defense attorney Andrew Baldwin suggested the probable cause affidavit, if released, would create “more questions than answers” regarding the case.

Bail hearing granted for Richard Allen; prosecutor argues others may have been involved in Delphi murders

Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland, who pressed for those records to remain sealed, released a statement Wednesday saying his office had confidence in its case regardless of the court’s decision.

Here’s McLeland’s statement:

The Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office appreciates the Judge hearing our arguments yesterday morning and looks forward to her ruling. As I stated in court yesterday, we strongly believe the evidence shows Richard Allen was involved in the murder of Libby and Abby. Because the investigation is ongoing and given the intense public interest in the case, we think it would be best if the documents remain sealed. Regardless of the ruling, we believe we have a very solid case against Mr. Allen and look forward to making our argument in trial.

For now, the public will have to take McLeland at his word; the documents remain under seal as Judge Fran Gull tries to decide whether to release the full probable cause affidavit or a redacted version. She could also decide to keep those records under wraps.

Indiana State Police announced Allen’s arrest on Oct. 31. He’s charged with two counts of murder, although neither police nor prosecutors have said how Allen is connected to the case.

McLeland said in court Tuesday that there was “good reason to believe Allen is not the only one involved.”

Abby Williams and Libby German were found dead on Feb. 14, 2017, a day after they were reported missing after going for a hike. Evidence released to the public has included a pair of sketches, a grainy photo of the killer and a recording of a man saying, “Down the hill.”

Despite the large amount of public interest, the investigation appeared to stall until ISP announced Allen’s arrest more than five years after the murders.

Allen’s attorneys welcomed the unsealing of the court documents, with Baldwin commenting that he and attorney Brad Rozzi believed in their client’s innocence.

“That’s how confident we are in our client,” Baldwin said Tuesday. “That’s how confident we are at the evidence contained, at least what’s written in the probable cause affidavit, is nothing for us to worry about.”

Both defense attorneys have seen the charging documents and said McLeland’s suggestion that other people could be involved was “news to us.”

Allen is currently being held without bond in a state facility. Judge Gull has scheduled a bail hearing for Feb. 17, 2023, after granting a request for the hearing from Allen’s defense team.

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