ORLAND PARK, IL – Get ready to go on a high-seas pirate adventure on land.

The Cirque Italia Water Circus has sailed into Orland Square Mall and is anchored under a giant white and blue big top tent near the east parking lot between JCPenney and Sears.

WGN News Now ventured under the Big Top for a peek at the show pegged as the first traveling water circus in the United States.

“It’s a really unique show because of our water stage.” said the show’s project manager and stage aerialist, Morgaine Rosenthal. “We have a 35,000-gallon water tank underneath our stage. The stage lifts up and then we perform with the water as well, and it combines with these incredible death-defying circus acts”.

Rosenthal is also the show’s mermaid and performs an aerial strap set, or aerial dance, with a pirate who is played by her boyfriend. “It’s a mermaid-pirate love story” she laughed.

“You’re going to see clowns, jugglers, music, the lights , so it’s a pretty cool thing. And this year we have the pirates. So, you’re going to see sword fighting. Everything related to the circus, but with pirates.” added Hector “Polo” Pazaran who performs in the show’s bow-and-arrow and Chinese pole acts.

Pazaran also said the shows have a lot of energy and the audience will be on the edge of their seats while watching.

Cirque Italia was founded in 2012 by Italian entrepreneur Manuel Rebecchi. It began with the creation of the Water Circus and in 2017 a second Water Circus was added. In 2018, Paranormal Cirque, a fun fusion of circus, theater and cabaret was added; then Cirque Slammer, a prison-themed show was created in 2021. All four shows are currently touring the country. Cirque Italia also has a no-animal policy and believes in showcasing the talent of humans and their ability to do extreme stunts.

“We are bringing high level entertainment to all these local communities, and I feel that’s something very special for us because this is entertainment that you won’t find everywhere. Typically for this kind of entertainment you need to go to New York, or Las Vegas so we feel very fortunate to bring it to all these communities. said Rosenthal.

The Cirque Italia Water Circus team consist of 55 crew members from around the world, and they travel with the show for eleven months of the year.

Pazaran said the cast likes performing in the Chicago area because the audiences are always loud and excited, plus they like to visit downtown Chicago and take in the sights.

The Cirque Italia Water Circus will be in Orland Park until Sunday June 19th, then it sails to Aurora where it will be set up outside of the Chicago Premium Outlets June 23 through July 4.

“Come and see this new show with pirates, and come and be amazed… and forget about everything that’s going on outside for at least two hours.” said Pazaran. “Bring your children, bring your grandma. Everybody is going to have fun. It’s a show for all ages, so you’re just not going to regret it.”

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