Half of the morel mushrooms that Jay Damm and a partner found Sunday. | Provided

Even with the dryness of recent weeks (though that might ease this week), the season for morel mushrooms is underway all around Chicago outdoors.

On Sunday, Jay Damm summed up morel hunting so far, “2021 has proven to be a challenging year for morels in northern Illinois for obvious reasons, whereas they’ve had a strong season in southern Illinois which appears to have gone into overtime.”

Despite that slow start he and his partner found between 2 and 3 pounds Sunday morning.

“The morels were found under a mix of elm, cottonwood and silver maple trees, some dead stumps and some under living silver maples,” he emailed. “It just goes to show you it’s not all about dead elms.”

Adam Savicz sent an artful photo of some morel mushrooms found Saturday.

To the north Adam Savicz messaged on Saturday, “Got a few in McHenry County. We need more rain. More should be coming in next week or two.”

He is a good weather forecaster.

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