SOUTH ELGIN, Ill. — A new 20,000 square-foot clubhouse is under construction for the South Elgin Boys and Girls Club.

The clubhouse, which will be located at the village’s former public works building at 735 Martin Drive, is slated to open later this year.

The state-of-the-art facility will provide daily education, meals and activities for over 250 children from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Damon McDade looks at the renderings and childhood memories of his time as a member come back. Now 47, he said the club’s mentors helped shaped him into who he is today.

Each of them have an infectious spirit that goes beyond the club and times of the hours,” McDade said. “I think that’s what connected me. Each of them has been a coach a mentor they’ve been an extended family member who were willing to share about their short comings in life.”

Major donors of the Boys and Girls Club of South Elgin include Hoffer Foundation and the Wayne-based Wisdom Family Foundation — each gifting $1 million towards the $4.25 million fundraising goal.

Organizers said the facility will be the first major youth-focused non-profit in the village.

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