Mild, often cloudy Thanksgiving Thursday—the warmest in 7 years (since 2015) with temps in the 50s, ranks among the 17% mildest thanksgiving readings of the past 150 years

Happy Thanksgiving all!! Only 30 of the past 150 Thanksgivings in Chicago has recorded a 50-degree or higher temp–that’s just 20% of them–or 2 in 10 Thanksgivings. We can refine that further. If we focus on our predicted Chicago high of 53 for Thursday, that will be a temp matched or exceeded only 25 of the past 150 years—17% of them. This places Thursday’s “warmth” in the top tier of Thanksgivings here. The average Thanksgiving Day high temp since 1872 has been 43°. A look at the last 10 Thanksgiving days in Chicago show a wide range in temperatures. Snow has not been observed in the past ten years on Thanksgivings.

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