Illinois Democrats are praising President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office while their Republican counterparts have raised questions.

Illinois’ congressional delegation is mostly Democrats, many of whom were easy to find Wednesday ahead of President Biden’s speech. When Biden addresses Congress, he’ll do so with some lawmakers like Representative Brad Schneider watching virtually.

“They are limiting attendance in the chamber to 200 people,” Rep. Schneider said. The presidential address will also be socially distanced.

Rep. Schneider, like many Democrats, talked about the change from President Trump to President Biden.

“The best comparison I’ve heard is four years ago, we had 100 days of chaos. This year we have 100 days of competence,” Rep. Schneider said.

Biden is reportedly expected to discuss his plan to overhaul immigration. Even as Republicans hammer Democrats for the migrant surge at the border, Biden will call on Congress to pass his proposal, which includes a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants and funding for security updates at the border.

“I’m so excited about what the president has done and I’m even more excited about what he’s getting ready to do,” said Representative Bobby Rush.

He’s also likely to discuss gun control.

“We’re watching these murders every day,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky said. “Enough is enough is what the American people are saying.”

President Biden campaigned on bipartisanship but with more than 40 executive orders, Biden has focused on policies he can implement on his own.

In a statement Republican Congressman Rodney Davis told WGN News:

“Generally speaking, I’m disappointed that President Biden hasn’t lived up to his campaign promises of working in a bipartisan fashion and uniting the country. Far left, progressive policies and multi-trillion dollar tax hikes are not what the American people voted for.”

The Illinois delegation is anticipating movement on President Biden’s infrastructure plan. That’s likely the next big Biden agenda item for Congress to take up.

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