CHICAGO (CBS) — Safety concerns at two southwest suburban high schools.

And it has nothing to do with COVID.

A series of fights in the hallways, even with a principal caught in the middle of the punches.

It’s enough to call a special board meeting at Joliet High School District 204 Tuesday night at 7:00. CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra has more.

Discussing student discipline is on the agenda. The videos are pretty intense, and the temperature around this feels very hot. So much so, many parents are scared to go on the record.

Parents of Joliet West High School students shared cell phone video they said is of a fight on Friday. They said a woman in the yellow is the school’s principal. She’s in the middle of the pack while fists are flying.

There are reports of fights at both Joliet West and Joliet Central High School over the past few weeks. District 204 confirmed since the beginning of this school year, around 80 students were involved in altercations.

Some led to arrests, others suspensions. Two staff members were hurt. The half dozen parents CBS 2 spoke with did not want to speak on camera.

Most saying they were fearful of retaliation, but all saying they want more done to protect their children.

In a statement, the District’s superintendent called the brawls “embarrassing and destructive” saying battery and videotaping of any fights “will not be tolerated.”

CBS 2 reached out to every member of District 204’s board of education for their thoughts ahead of their meeting and didn’t hear back from anyone.

The Superintendent only passed along that statement. It mentioned changing tardy policies for kids gathering in hallways between classes to stop the fighting.


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