GLENVIEW, Ill. – A couple of underwater neighbors in Glenview are causing uproar above ground.

While Glenview residents say that neighboring beavers in a nearby retention pond aren’t an issue, the homeowner’s association (HOA) says continued damage to trees will soon mean they will have to eliminate the problem and relocation isn’t an option. 

“Most people didn’t even realize we had beavers until earlier this week,” said homeowner Kara Busiel.

A letter from the homeowner’s association at Concord at the Glen community alerted residents to tan issue unbeknownst to some.

“It said ‘we are trapping the beavers that are damaging the trees and they will be removing them from the property,'” she said.

Busiel sought more information and soon learned the HOA planned to use underwater traps.

“So they were right, they were going to remove the beavers from the property. They just didn’t tell anybody there were going to be dead when they did it,” she said.

Opposed to the HOA’s plan, dozens rallied in the neighborhood Sunday to save the beavers. Organizer Rachel Siegel says there more humane options are available. “They’re really not causing a big problem. It’s a huge overreaction.”

Landscape designer Jackie Barrett agreed, offering a solution to the Concord at the Glen homeowner’s association.

“If we replaced the few trees that have been taken down by the beavers with evergreens or a species of trees that beavers aren’t attracted to, if you walk around the pond, you’ll see there are several, they will live in peace and harmony with us,” she said.

In a new letter, the HOA says it’s consulted with the Illinois Department of Natural resources and is taking steps to have the trees wrapped to prevent other beavers from moving in. The letter states that if the current beavers aren’t removed – the HOA will keep having to pay to replace the damaged trees.

The letter read, in part, “As of today, no decision has been made by the Board as to the means of trapping and disposition of the animal. Any previously communicated plan has been reevaluated…. we believe continued beaver residence is not a viable option.”

Neighbors have now started a petition. They say if the HOA moves forward with a plan to kill the beavers, legal action will be the next step.

“We built them a habitat and here they are,” Barrett said. “We need to learn to love, enjoy and respect them and learn from them instead of just trying to destroy them.”

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