DOLTON, Ill. — The family of a woman who died after being shot by police following a confrontation at a restaurant in the south suburbs spoke out Wednesday, saying they remain skeptical about the chain of events that led to her death.

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Alexis Wilson, 19, from Homewood, died Tuesday, following an incident that began at the Baba’s restaurant on the 600 block of Sibley Boulevard around 1 a.m. According to police, Wilson refused to comply with an officer’s demands after police responded to reports that she was armed and irate that the restaurant was no longer open.

Authorities say that the incident escalated when Wilson drove off as an officer tried to stick his hand in the vehicle to take the keys out of the ignition. According to police, Wilson dragged an officer by vehicle, then hit another. The officer open fired, police said. Wilson eventually crashed into a nearby bike shop.

Photos of Alexis Wilson. (Submitted by family members)

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Wilson’s family demand a full probe into what led to the fatal police shooting.

According to family members, while Wilson was indeed upset with her order, she was not armed despite reports. Loved ones added that police did not recover a weapon from the scene.

Family members add that Wilson sped off only when the officer struck her during a struggle. As a result, Wilson’s family says she panicked and tried to get away.

A spokesperson with Dolton police said officers fired at Wilson because she used her car as a weapon.

“The car is not being used as a weapon,” said brother Joseph Wilson. “The officer is attacking this young lady. AS she’s attacked, she’s trying to get away from the officer. So, she’s scared. She’s 19-years-old.”

Two officers were hospitalized as a result of the altercation. Illinois State Police is investigating.

A family attorney hopes to view the bodycam footage from the incident on Friday.

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